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Hello everyone. This is Jeanine and my dogs name is Blizzy. He is half toy poodle and a mix for the rest. We have been coming to Sunday for like 8 months now and love what she does with Blizzy. He was only 7 months old when he first came to her, so very new to being groomed. He was a handful and sometimes I think he still is, lol. She does an absolute wonderful job on him. I believe she has the patience of Job. He is pristine when we pick him up. Jeanine Dog Blizzy 

Ms. Sunday is the best groomer my dogs have ever had. My Standard Poodle looks like a show dog after his grooming. and yes, people ask me if he is. our 2 little ones look just as nice. she’ll work with you to insure your satisfied. excellent. Mike Dog Dude & friends

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