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All pet’s must be able to walk to and from the mobile salon and get into the mobile unit with minimal assistance. Pets must be able stand on their own during the grooming process. Curbside Suds & Cuts LLC is a dog only grooming service. With the right to refuse any services at any time. Disclosing that a pet may have health conditions, aggressive tendencies or has been neglected does not automatically result in a refusal to groom. It allows Curbside to be mindful of such medical conditions, so care and caution can be given during the grooming process, seeing how grooming can trigger an unfavorable response due to these pre-existing conditions. Disclosure of any known medical condition is required such as seizures, heart conditions, breathing issues, ear/eye infections, hotspots, allergies, skin conditions, fear and panic attacks. Owners/guardians must inform Curbside if their pets bites, has bitten, or displayed aggression towards people, other pets, and/or specific grooming procedures. Discovery of matted or severely tangled pets can cause skin irritation which will require a close to the body hair cut. Which can occasionally result in minor clipper irritation and/or nicks. Curbside requires all pets be protected from fleas, ticks and other parasites by topical or oral vet prescribed meds. Fleas and ticks will require extra time and specialty shampoo, resulting in an up charge. 100% of flea or tick removal cannot be guaranteed. If your pet is/or becomes too stressed or dangerous to groom, Curbside has the right to refuse grooming services or stop the grooming process. In this event, the owner/guardian will be charged a grooming fee for what has been done up to that point. Curbside does not use muzzles unless it is necessary for the safety of the pet and/or groomer. Muzzling will not harm your pet and protects both pet and groomer. If a pet becomes aggressive and requires muzzling there will be a special handling fee in addition to the regular grooming charge and that fee is not negotiable. Disclosing the pet’s behavior avoids the groomer from being bitten and injury to the pet if the pet were to move suddenly while being groomed. Failure to disclose that your pet has a history of biting or dangerous behavior, will result in a fee of $250.00. The owner/guardian will be responsible for all payments of medical expenses, emergency medical treatment, hospital costs, recovery costs, physical therapy, including but not limited to loss of wages occur by Curbside Suds & Cuts. A fee will be charged for every 15 minuets Curbside suds & cuts must wait on a tardy owner/guardian at time of arrival and after notification of completed groom.

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