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Hours of Operation: Monday- Friday by appt only call to set up

Included with every experience is the undivided attention of 10yr Master groomer Sunday. Inside Curbside Cuts is a hydraulic grooming table that lowers to 16’’ & rises to 42’’. Your pet will be pampered in a spacious 16-gauge stainless steel tub with a 300lbs weight capacity. So, it’s very easy for any size pet to feel secure, comfortable and relaxed during their visit.

  • Warm hydro massage with luxury quality shampoo & conditioner
  • A tearless facial
  • Ear elixir/cleaning
  • Anal glands expression
  • dried by hand with a two-speed velocity dryer

There are absolutely no kennels, grooming loops or harness’s inside the salon because your fur baby is important and never has to wait or be left unattended. Through mutual trust, patience and experience Curbside Cuts builds a relationship with your pet. This is all that is needed to keep you fur baby happy to be on the table until the grooming is complete.

Full grooming services includes

  • Nail clipping & filed smooth
  • De-shedding as necessary
  • Haircut with scissor finish
  • Lovely accessory (bow, bow tie, etc.)
  • Cologne (optional)
  • Digital photo with theme of the month. (for those that are not camera shy & willing to sit still

Booking fees – A $50 booking fee is required for every scheduled and confirmed appointment 24hr before Curbside’s arrival. The fee will be applied to the balance due at the completion of grooming service. This fee insurer your commitment to the date and time of your appointment, the arrival of Curbside Cuts & eliminates any scheduling confusion. Your booking fee will be saved if you must reschedule 24hr before your appointment and lost if you cancel or need to reschedule 24hr after the appointment time.
Payment method – Cash or Card w/ Square. Payment is due at time of service.
Reschedule/Cancellation/No-Show – Curbside Cuts may need to cancel or reschedule appointments in the event of equipment malfunction, break down of mobile unit, groomer is sick or dangerous weather conditions.
Hours: Monday- Friday by appt only call to set up

Call Curbside today at (816) 699-9462. Pricing can vary depending on the size, breed, weight, the condition of your pet’s coat and service time. Telephone quotes are close estimates and will be confirmed after completion of service.

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